AGM – 2019

We are pleased to announce the success of our AGM which was held in the afternoon of 27th September 2019.

The Centre has voted in a new Constitution by special resolution – ensuring the modern needs of the association are more adequately addressed, and for greater compliance with the Australian Charities and Not-For-Profits Commission Act 2012.

GCCLC Annual Report 18-19

The AGM saw us say our farewells to our President, April Vincent – a long-serving member of the committee, as well as a community volunteer with our Centre for 17 years. Thank you for your service, April! We are lucky to have had you as a part of the team for so long.
It is with open arms, that we also welcome our new committee members for the coming year.
The following people were elected to the following positions:

· President – Bobbi Reilly
· Vice President – Dennis Nettlefold
· Treasurer – Joe Ranieri
· Secretary – Joe Whitehead
· Member – Bronwyn Charles
· Member Sunil Dutt
· Member Lindsey Stevenson-Graf

Welcome and congratulations to our new Committee members! We wish you all the best in your new roles.

It was a fantastic meeting. The occasion commenced in our gardens with an intimate and very moving performance by traditional dancers who depicted through movement, stories and customs of their ancestors. They showed us the dances of the native birdlife, and told us stories of how their families learned to fish, stories of how the land was formed, and of their deep-rooted connection to the earth. Another traditional owner, Tess, who has been working with the Centre on a Cultural Safety Plan then delivered a speech which brought many members to tears. We are extremely proud to have been a part of this experience.

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