The Gold Coast Community Legal Centre provides legal information sessions to not-for-profit community organisations and individuals.

Why do we do this? In order to increase community understanding and awareness of legal issues that may affect them or the people that they assist. During these sessions, a Centre representative can:

  • Provide information about a specific topic of law (such as family law, domestic violence, civil matters, neighbourhood disputes, consumer issues and minor criminal or traffic matters)
  • Inform people about their legal rights and responsibilities and how to enforce them
  • Explain legal processes and court procedures in certain circumstances
  • Make referrals to organisations that might be able to assist them
  • Tell people about what the Centre might be able to offer them such as free legal advice or assistance

These sessions are usually provided face to face and in groups, but we are also able to appear in other mediums (such as via webinar, as part of a workshop or at information stalls). Our solicitors aim to ensure the sessions are accessible, informative, easy to understand and supported with materials or presentations (if appropriate).

Organising A Community Legal Education Session

If you or your organisation would like to organise a Gold Coast Community Legal Centre representative to provide legal information for a particular session, please contact us and we will get back to you. Our community legal education programs are free (but donations are always appreciated). If we can’t be of assistance for any reason, we will provide you with details about other organisations that may be able to assist you.

For more information in regards to our Community Legal Education sessions, please call us on 07 5532 9611.

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