Frequently Asked Questions & Their Answers

I just have a quick question. Can you help?

We are unable to answer any questions relating to your legal matter over the phone or by email. Appointments need to be made to see a solicitor.

Can I remain anonymous?

No. We need your full name in order to complete a conflict check. We cannot provide you legal advice without this important information.

I have a document that I need signed by a lawyer. Can you do it?

We cannot sign documents that require independent legal advice because there is not enough time available for our lawyers to sufficiently familarise themselves with matters to the extent where they could responsibly sign off. We can, however, witness some sorts of documents which need to be witnessed by a Justice of the Peace or solicitor (such as affidavits).

Can you represent me in court?

No. We can tell you what to expect when you go to court or tribunal and the processes you need to go through but cannot go to court with you on the day.

Does your service cost anything?

We provide free legal advice to the Gold Coast community. You will not be charged for using our service at any stage of your matter. We do encourage clients to make a donations towards the day-to-day running costs we incur to provide free legal advice.

Can I make an appointment?

Checklist to make an appointment:

  • You live on the Gold Coast
  • Your legal problem is within Queensland
  • Your legal matter is one which we deal with (not on our excluded list of legal issues)
  • The other party to your matter is not a client of ours (conflict of interest)

If all of these boxes are ticked then an appointment can be made for you, if available.

How do I find out the other party’s full name?

In order to make an appointment, you are required to provide us with at least the first and last name of the person with whom you have a dispute. There are ways you can find this out:

  • Ask the person their full name (only if you feel it is safe to do so)
  • Check any correspondence you may have received from them
  • Run an internet and social media search
  • Go to an Australian Electoral Commission office to view the electoral roll. You will not be able to make copies, photograph or record any information from the electoral roll with any electronic device. You will only be able to view the current electoral roll.

How many appointments are available?

Our appointment books are only open ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE. Please do not ask for or expect to be able to book an appointment for longer than a week’s time.

Appointment availability varies on each solicitor’s duties. Each solicitor generally has 8 appointments each day. Appointments tend to book up very quickly: by the afternoon there might be no appointments left. We recommend calling in the morning to book an appointment to avoid disappointment.

If no appointments are available because they are all booked up, you will be told to ring the next day when new appointment sheets are available.

How long do I have with a solicitor?

You will have around 30 minutes with a solicitor. If more time is needed the solicitor will tell you to book another appointment.

I'm not happy with my current lawyer. Can I get a second opinion from you?

If you are having trouble communicating with your lawyer or feel that the service you are being provided is unfair for some reason you can come and see us. Complaints about lawyers can be made through the Legal Services Commission.

If you have received advice from a lawyer and have a current client agreement then we cannot double check the advice of your lawyer or provide you with a second opinion.

Will you contact the other party in my legal matter?

We cannot contact the other party in your matter unless you expressly provide us with instructions to do so.

Is the advice confidential?

Yes. Legal advice you receive is confidential. There are rules that prevent solicitors from being able to disclose information about your legal matter. The only exception to those rules are:

  • You expressly or impliedly authorise disclosure
  • Seeking advice in connection with our legal or ethical obligations as solicitors (including insurance or associated entities)
  • We are compelled or permitted by law to disclose to do so
  • To avoid a probable commission of a serious criminal offence
  • To prevent imminent serious physical harm to you or another person

Is there parking at your office?

Southport office:

  • There is free 2 hour street parking on Railway Street
  • There is meter parking on Scarborough Street
  • There is a carpark outside our office however a permit is needed. If you park there, please ask reception for a visitor permit as City of Gold Coast parking inspectors patrol the area frequently.

Kirra Office:
Since our Kirra office operates out of a Community Centre , there is parking available at this Centres in a designated free car park. Please refer to the Kirra Hill Community Centre for parking information at this location.

What should I bring with me to my appointment?

You should bring any paperwork you have related to your legal problem. We recommend you bring charge sheets, letters between you and the other party, contracts, court documents, court orders and anything else that is relevant for our solicitors to review.

Is there a means test?

We do not apply a means test to our clients. However, for statistical purposes and to meet our funding requirements we ask clients to disclose income levels (low, medium or high).

If we both agree on something, can we both come to see you?

Due to the rules and regulations our solicitors have to comply with, our service is unable to see and advise both parties to a matter – even if there is an agreement between both of you. For our solicitors, this would constitute a conflict of interest.

Are community legal centres the same as legal aid?

No. The Centre is not affiliated with Legal Aid Queensland (except for specific duty lawyer services). We cannot submit Legal Aid applications or answer questions about the status of your Legal Aid application. Our solicitors can refer you to Legal Aid Queensland, help you complete Legal Aid application forms, go through eligibility criteria with you or advise on your appeal options if your application has been rejected.

Can I provide feedback or make a complaint?

It is a client right at the Centre to voice a concern or make a complaint. Please refer to our Compliments & Complaints page for more information on this process.

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