About the Artwork

The Centre acknowledges and appreciates the work a local artist has put in to creating this artwork focused around the Gold Coast Community Legal Centre.


The Centre approached the artist seeking a painting that reflected the Centre’s place within the local community and incorporates the traditional history and culture of the land on which the Centre operates. The artist painted this piece which was publicly revealed in April 2021 at the Centre’s Social Work Launch and currently hangs in the Centres reception for all staff, clients and visitors to see.


This artwork is the artist’s interpretation of the Gold Coast Community Legal Centre sitting within Kombumerri Country. It depicts that it is a safe place for all the community to access and represents that the Gold Coast Community Legal Centre acknowledge the sacred connection that the Kombumerri people have to the land and water.


The main circle in the middle is a symbol that represents a meeting place which is the Gold Coast Community Legal Centre and the symbols around this circle represent the people accessing the service. The 6 smaller circles represent the six family lines that descend from Jenny Graham and they sit on both the land and water depicting their connection to this country.  Surrounding the middle section is a representation of the rivers, lakes, and sea of the Gold Coast.


The artist who painted this piece is a Kombumerri woman and a direct descendant of Jenny Graham.


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