The Gold Coast Community Legal Centre can provide advice and assistance on workplace sexual harassment and discrimination matters

The Gold Coast Community Legal Centre has a dedicated team focused on providing tailored legal and social work assistance to those experiencing workplace sexual harassment or discrimination matters.

Our Centre understands the sensitive nature of matters such as these, so our focused team work specifically within these areas of law to ensure they provide you support, advice and guidance in a trauma informed and safe environment.

Our team are able to provide you with free legal advice on your matter to understand your rights within the workplace and options available to you if you are experiencing sexual harassment or discrimination at work. Our social work services can provide tailored support, brief counselling and guidance on non-legal options and ensure you feel supported and heard when reaching out for assistance.

We understand that sometimes, sexual harassment or discrimination matters can lead to injuries, resulting in WorkCover or workers compensation claims. Unfortunately, our Centre is unable to assist with these matters and advice should be sought from a law firm who works in personal injury matters if you think you need advice or assistance on this.

To find out more about this service, please download our Workplace Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Brochure here.

Please call us on 07 5532 9611 if you need an appointment relating to a workplace sexual harassment and discrimination matters, or complete our online Booking Form.

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